Celeste Haworth as 1st Norn, in Opera Australia's 2023 production of Götterdämmerung at QPAC

Celeste Haworth as 1st Norn, in Opera Australia's 2023 production of Götterdämmerung at QPAC. Photo Credit: Wallis Media

“The Norns have us hanging on every word in what is often a snooze-fest in other productions. Not here. Celeste Haworth, Angela Hogan and Olivia Cranwell deserve special praise for their wonderfully ominous take on the three daughters of Erda.”

-J. J. Antmann, Limelight.

“Strongly sung by Celeste Haworth, Angela Hogan, and Olivia Cranwell, the Norns provided an atmospheric opening on a simple, darkened stage.”

-M. Halliwell, Australian Book Review

“The Rheinmaidens Lorina Gore, Jane Ede und Dominica Matthews are just as excellently disposed as the Norns, Celeste Haworth, Angela Hogan and Olivia Cranwell.” (Die Rheintöchter Lorina Gore, Jane Ede und Dominica Matthews sind ebenso vorzüglich disponiert wie die Nornen Celeste Haworth, Angela Hogan und Olivia Cranwell.)

-Petra und Helmut Huber, Online Merker

“…the Norns were clad in ugly dome-shaped dresses, wound around with the thread of fate. Initially singing with just their heads poking out from the stage, all three acquitted themselves well…”

-D. Larkin, Bachtrack

Opera Australia's La Traviata March 2021. Photos by Prudence Upton, courtesy of Opera Australia.

“The supporting roles are performed by a talented set of Australian singers. Mezzo-soprano Celeste Haworth brings out the vivacious self-confidence of gregarious hostess Flora.”

- Simon Parris, Man in Chair

“On the way, the audience was visibly delighted by the large-scale, demi-monde scenes as Violetta’s friend Flora (Celeste Haworth) and their brittle cohort sang out their love of worldly pleasure.”


“The three leads are backed up by confident performances from Celeste Haworth as the jaded courtesan Flora”

- Chantal Nguyen,

“Celeste Haworth portrayed wizened seediness as fellow courtesan Flora”

- Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald

“In supporting roles, Celeste Haworth played Violetta’s friend Flora… she has a lovely, full vocal tone and looked fantastic in a tuxedo.”

- Annabelle Drumm,

“Celeste Haworth as the flamboyant dominatrix Flora Bervoix, Andrew Moran as her partner-in-crime Marquis D’Obigny, and John Longmuir as Alfredo’s friend Gastone, all make the most of their opportunities”

- Bill Stephens OAM, Australian Arts Review

“There are only limited opportunities for support artists, but they are all well taken. Local favourite the bass Gennadi Dubinsky as the sympathetic Doctor Grenvil always delivers, as does Alexander Sefton as Alfredo’s rival the Baron and mezzo Celeste Haworth as party girl Flora. John Longmuir as Gastone rounds up an excellent troupe.”

- Victor Grynberg,

"This new season of Opera Australia's Great opera hits is a knockout, and for a variety of reasons....a wonderful showcase for the pure voices of some of Opera Australia's greatest stars. The premiere, for example, featured tenor Simon Kim, baritone Haotian Qi, soprano Danita Weatherstone, and the huge, richly-rounded power of mezzosoprano Celeste Haworth."

-Sue Williams, Opera Review, Daily Telegraph

"Pulling out all the stops, each gig assembles four of Opera Australia's brightest young stars from an A Team including Sharon Zahi, Shanul Sharma, Petah Chapman, Luke Gabbedy, Celeste Haworth...and hosted by one of Australia's most popular conductors, Guy Noble."

-Stephen A Russell, Time Out Sydney

"Each performance features a combination of four of OA's finest young principal artists including Petah Chapman, Luke Gabbedy, Celeste Haworth, Simon Kim, Haotian Qi, Agnes Sarkis, Alexander Sefton, Shanul Sharma and Sharon Zhai."

-Sean McLoughlin,

"OA has assembled an all-Australian cast to perform tunes that the audience will no doubt recognise from car and pasta adverts, along with films such as 'Pretty Woman' and 'Star Trek'. 'Great Opera Hits' is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser; an entertaining concert with broad appeal.....Each performance features a combination of four of OA's finest young principal artists including Petah Chapman, Luke Gabbedy, Celeste Haworth, Simon Kim, Haotian Qi, Agnes Sarkis, Alexander Sefton, Shanul Sharma and Sharon Zhai."

-David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide

celeste performance shot

... mezzo-soprano Celeste Haworth, who has recently returned to Sydney after a number of years studying and performing in Germany....Her stage experience was evident with assured dramatic storytelling in both the Letter Aria from Werther by Massenet and Rossini’s popular Una Voce poco fafrom The Barber of Seville. The arias were well contrasted and showed her warm lower range to advantage.

-Victoria Watson, Sounds Like Sydney, 17.09.18 

"...A happy choice was made with the mezzo soprano Celeste Haworth.... In Sesto's aria from Mozart's 'Clemenza di Tito' she flaunted effortless coloratura, but even this was outclassed by her charmingly sung and acted presentation of Rosina's aria from Rossini's "Barber". The 'Habanera' from Bizet's "Carmen" depicted the jubilant acclaimed finale."

-Gerhard Schroth, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 5.11.16

('Mit der Mezzosopranistin Celeste Haworth,  die ein einjähriges Engagement am Wiesbadener Staatstheater als Preis des German Australia Opera Grant gewann, ist eine glückliche Wahl getrotten. In der Arie des Sesto aus Mozarts Clemenza di Tito prunkte sie mit mühelosen Koloraturen, übertroffen noch durch die stimmlich wie spielerisch charmant servierte Arie der Rosina aus Rossinis Barbiere. Die Habanera aus Bizets Carmen bildete den zu Recht umjubelten Schlusspunkt') -Gerhard Schroth, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 5.11.16.

.".. With her charmingly darkened mezzo soprano voice... Celeste Haworth demonstrated versatility even in a short program: Rossini's Rosina aria from the 'Barber of Seville" ("Una voce poco fa") announced a well running technique, while the Rose-song from the Berlioz song cycle "Les nuits d'été" demonstrated a flair for melancholy. "
-Axel Zibulski, Wiesbadener Kurier 1.11.16

("Mit ihrem reizvoll abgedunkelten, im Zweifel die vokale Linie über die exakte Artikulation ordnenden Mezzosopran demonstrierte Celeste Haworth auch in aller Kürze Vielseitigkeit: Von geläufiger Technik kündete Rossinis Rosina-Arie aus dem „Barbier von Sevilla“ („Una voce poco fa“), von Gespür für Melancholie das Rosenlied aus dem Berlioz-Zyklus „Les nuits d‘ été“. Mit Brahms („Von ewiger Liebe“) und Liszt („Der König in Thule“) hinterließ das romantische Lied immerhin Spuren."-Axel Zibulski, Wiesbadener Kurier 2.11.16)

"...Celeste Haworth, winner of the 2015 Grant, who in the foyer also presented Rossini's Rosina aria 'Una voce poco fa' from "The Barber of Seville", for example - proud and authoritative in her low range and perfect in the coloratura... Celeste Haworth also made a particularly strong resonating appearance with the 'Habanera' from "Carmen"."       

(Celeste Haworth, Grant Gewinnerin 2015 und im Foyer beispielweise mit Rossinis Rosina-Arie 'Una voce poco fa' aus dem"Barbier von Sevilla" vertreten- stolz und fundiert in der Tiefe, perfekt in den Koloraturen…Ein ganz besonders stark nach hallender Auftritt gelang Celeste Haworth mit der "Carmen-Habanera".)-Axel Zibulski, Wiesbadener Kurier 9.11.16)




Thanks to her strong stage presence and powerful vocal performance, Celeste Haworth adds greatly to the show as Marie's sister Charlotte, who handles the twists of fate with which her family is confronted better than Marie.

(Dank starker Bühnenpräsenz und vokaler Durchschlagskraft wertete Celeste Haworth, Maries Schwester Charlotte auf, die Schicksalswendungen, mit denen ihre Famile konfrontiert wird, besser verarbeitet als Marie

-  L.E Gerth (Das Opernglas))

Celeste Haworth was enchanting in the role of the poem-reciting older sister.

(Bezaubernd Celeste Haworth als die Gedichte rezitierende grosse Schwester Charlotte.

-Elenore Büning (Frankfuter Allgemeine Zeitung))

Celeste Haworth is in all registers an unusually powerful Charlotte.

(Celeste Haworth ist eine in allen Registern ungewohnt kraftvolle Charlotte.

- Detlef Brandenburg (Die Deutsche Bühne-online))

"Celeste Haworth as Emelia was very present."

(Als Emelia ist Celeste Haworth sehr präsent.)

-  Volker Milch, Wiesbaden Kurier